Automated client development for banks and telcos

In average clients use only 7-11% of company's products. Due to low product penetration organizations lose the opportunity to earn more revenue from the existing client base.

Challenger is the client development platform - a system and methodology that helps companies to enable client engagement into activity with the organisation systematically and automate the process.

Customers follow the progress with personalised challenges and offers. Automatically.
Social layer
Clients use their social graph to engage with your offering.
Engagement elements that drive the motivation - involve customer into the process as a game.
Standalone loyalty system with rewarding mechanism and prizes.
  • 2015
    Winner of BarclayCard innovation challenge
  • 2017
    Winner of OTP digital transformation award
  • +31% mobile users in 15 months
  • -55% CPA reduction vs Google AdWords of eshop client acquisition
  • 2018
    The Most popular solution at National World Summit Awards
  • 10x better CPA vs Facebook on mobile app client acquisition
  • Most active age group is 30-40 years old
  • 32% of participants linked their Facebook profiles
  • 61% of participants updated their contact email